Many in our industry reflect longingly on the days when a job post in hospitality would be met with a flood of applications from suitable candidates.

Since March 2020, ahs hospitality have been working on combating the labour shortage by building out incentives, maximising efficiencies, and getting creative with talent sourcing strategies to navigate the challenges of the current labour market.

How our labour market has changed

The labour market has changed significantly since the start of the pandemic. For ahs hospitality, they used to see an influx of applications for any role advertised, mainly coming from international students; since then, the dive in applications the industry is now competing to attract and retain local talent.

Investing in technology to increase retention and optimise labour

Recruitment software

Another introduction to further optimise their workforce was the introduction of a cloud-based software system known as Bullhorn to support in talent recruitment. This platform allows their talent sourcing team to view, edit, and add candidate and placement data. It also integrates with software called Idibu that allows ahs hospitality to post on multiple job platforms from one portal, increasing their reach, and the number of applications.

“These platforms have already increased efficiencies within our recruitment process and, once we have gathered more data, it will allow us to better monitor and optimise our spend.”
- Ben Kazakoff, General Manager Human Resources, ahs hospitality

Learning & Development Software

Lastly, ahs hospitality has rolled out ‘ahs learning’, their new LMS (Learning Management System). This custom learning platform allows team members to login and access mandatory and essential courses as well as policies and resources. This easily accessible learning and development platform allows them to maintain best practise standards and ensure housekeepers feel confident and safe in their role. This platform works cross-device so their team members can stay mobile, and courses prioritise Occupational Health and Safety, onboarding essentials, and compliance. ahs hospitality also offer industry-recognised qualifications as they endeavour to offer team members a career in hospitality and strive to change the mindset of people, so they remain in our amazing industry.

Incentives & Retention

Utilising every tool and resource at their disposal, ahs hospitality turned to their parent company, RGF Staffing, to access to greater rewards and incentives for their housekeeping team members. One example of these incentives is access to the MyDiscounts platform providing team members discounts across some of their favourite retailers and brands.

To further drive retention they regularly hold team-building and on-site recognition activities such as morning teas, regular catchups, and celebrations for anniversaries, holidays, and observances. Activities like these support recruitment as they witness a rise in the number of referrals if there is a strong team culture.

Another addition since the pandemic hit, is their new web-based rewards and recognition program rolled to all ahs team members called ‘ahs 4 us’. This program offers team members discounts off many of Australia’s biggest retailers and largest private insurance providers. It also includes a recognition program to reward high achievers with gift cards, a referral bonus scheme, and access to a free 24/7 counselling support (for employees and their family members).

“The days of simply posting to a job board and waiting for the applications have gone. A greater emphasis is being placed on referrals and being creative about where we source talent from - and then retaining that talent.”

- Ben Kazakoff, General Manager Human Resources, ahs hospitality