The QHA is pleased to inform Members that the Federal Government has approved a new temporary labour agreement specifically for hotels and accommodation providers. This agreement is the result of discussions between QHA, AHA and TAA with the Department of Home Affairs and will allow approved businesses to sponsor skilled overseas workers where there is "a demonstrated need" that cannot be met in the domestic labour market and where standard temporary or permanent visa programs are not available. Click HERE for the Labour Agreement fact sheet and click HERE for the sample template.

The Hotel and Accommodation Labour Agreement will make Australian hotels more competitive internationally in attracting key hotel skills here. Work on this agreement began in late 2019 with the project then being put on hold as a consequence of the pandemic. However, due to the severity of the labour crisis, the agreement was submitted last year and was successfully approved earlier this month.

This temporary agreement will support the hotel and accommodation sectors' recovery from Covid-19 and will be reviewed in 12 months. It will be extended if it is widely used, and it is suggested any hotels currently bringing in overseas workers use this labour agreement. We understand this will not solve the labour shortcomings in the industry – however, it is an excellent step forward.

The occupations are:

  • Café or Restaurant Manager (141111)
  • Hotel or Motel Manager (141311)
  • Hotel Service Manager (431411)
  • Accommodation and Hospitality Manager nec. (141999)
  • Cook (351411)
  • Chef (351311)
  • Pastry Cook (351112)

The critical point is that the above occupations now have a pathway to permanent residency (e.g. currently cooks must leave after (2 +2) 4 years).


  • Hotels can apply for a five year company specific agreement giving them certainty on the numbers and types of occupations they can bring in
  • Membership of TAA, AHA or AAoA is given favourable weighting by the department in consideration of agreement applications
  • The agreement is for hotels and accommodation only

Please note:

  • Hotels wishing to utilise the scheme will need to make an application to the Department of Home Affairs
  • The scheme will be reviewed after 12 months – so it is best to make an application within the next 12 months
  • There are still requirements for labour market testing, English, work experience and salary

The cost associated with bringing in skilled overseas workers becomes more feasible as the principal benefit of this new labour agreement is that the above occupations now have a pathway to permanent residency.

We appreciate many of our members are already associated via company directives and working with Overseas Employment Agencies and Migration Agents. This agreement will make it easier and generate a quicker turn around for our industry hotels.

Should you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to contact the QHA.