Borders, Victoria and our moment to shine!

As members will be aware, last weekend saw a significant shift in the restrictions for hospitality businesses in Queensland. As an industry, this has only been possible due to the strict adherence to the COVID Safe Plan that QHA, along with community clubs, has had approved by Queensland Health.

As you all are no doubt aware, this isn’t “business as usual”.

Some parts of the state are experiencing better trade, and potentially more holiday-makers during school holidays. However, I cannot stress enough that this is not the time to relax on the protection for your patrons or business.

Queensland borders will re-open on the 10 July, which will allow increased travel throughout Queensland. As you have seen most recently in Melbourne, State Governments are incredibly nervous about the increase in travel. This is our moment to shine and show how professional our industry is. The hospitality and tourism industry is the first to be blamed for outbreaks so I ask members to re-iterate to their teams the required commitment to contract tracing, sanitation and adherence to operating procedures in the COVID Safe Plan.

Further information is contained in this QHA Update, but as usual – never hesitate to get in touch with us.

QHA will be progressively working with Government to obtain further relaxation of restrictions when it is safe to do so. In the meantime, we ask members to not put the whole industry at risk.... there is simply too much at stake.

Cheers Bernie.


Bernie Hogan
QHA Chief Executive